The GRIDSOL project started in October 2016 under the leadership of COBRA and with the collaboration of other nine top companies and research centres from Spain, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Greece.

Gridsol aims to provide secure, clean and efficient electricity by combining primary renewable energy sources and technology under an advanced control system called Dynamic Output Manager of Energy (DOME) supplying secure electricity and contributing to grid stability through Smart Renewable Hubs.

GRIDSOL solution is based on solar firm hybrid power plants. This power plant combines a core of synchronous and non-synchronous generators under a dynamic control system (DOME). The control system of the electricity dispatch is self-regulated and able to provide ancillary grid services thanks to firm and flexible generation on a single output, tailored to a specific location and relieving pressure on TSO.

Project Information

Partners10 Partners from 5 European Countries
Project Budget3,4M€
Execution Period01/10/2016 - 30/11/2019


To create the required environment for Smart Renewable Hubs development.
To select the optimum CSP multi-tower configuration to provide the required synchronous energy generation and flexibility at grid level while being cost-effective.
To improve the traditional systems for Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) by means of cost reduction and effectiveness.

Development of DOME system to displace traditional fossil generators in grid regulation markets.

  • Improving the ability to follow a variable power target.
  • Achieving high peak coverage due to an optimized generation schedule.

Reduction of auxiliary backup fuel for electricity production below 20%.
To take advantage of synergies between different kinds of renewable energy technologies in order to optimise investments and increase cost-effectiveness.
To enhance electricity dispatchability adding firmness thanks to energy storage and back-up systems.
Assessment of GRIDSOL plant in continental and islands scenarios.



Modelling of renewable energy technologies, energy storage technologies and non-renewable energy technologies.


Methodology assessment for Smart Renewable Hubs implementation.


Optimisation of the energy mix production for Smart Renewable Hubs at different locations.


Analysis of CSP multi-tower configuration to achieve a cost reduction and efficiency improvement.


Development of an advanced control system (DOME) to ensure operation efficiency and grid stability with higher RES penetration.


Simulation of GRIDSOL plant in the EU power system (continental and islands scenarios) so as to analyse the feasibility and adequacy of the approach.


Assessment of the capacity of GRIDSOL concept to increase the penetration of renewables without damaging the grid system adding value for decision-making and investment planning.


Project Leader