GRIDSOL project started in October 2016 and is being developed by a European consortium composed of ten partners from five European countries: Spain, Denmark, Germany, Italy, and Greece. The project is led by COBRA and is receiving funding from the European Commission under “Horizon 2020” framework programme.

GRIDSOL presents a new concept to increase renewable energy penetration in a grid-friendly manner: Smart Renewable Hub. A flexible hybrid power plant that combines primary Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and storage technologies under a Dynamic Output Manager of Energy (DOME) that dispatches the electricity on a single output according to the availability and cost-effectiveness of each technology.

Smart Renewable Hub tool select and combine the most suitable technologies to deliver an optimal configuration at each location. Every possible solution considers market and grid requirements, providing ancillary services and relieving pressure on the Electricity System Operator.

In this context, GRIDSOL represents a major drive to integrate RES thanks to flexible generation. The project demonstrates the adequacy of Smart Renewable Hubs for European Continental and Island grids in order to achieve a more secure, reliable and clean energy system.

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