GRIDSOL project started in October 2016 and is being developed by a European consortium composed of ten partners from five European countries: Spain, Denmark, Germany, Italy, and Greece. The project is led by COBRA and is receiving funding from the European Commission under “Horizon 2020” framework programme.

GRIDSOL proposes Smart Renewable Hubs, where a core of synchronous generators (CSP and biogas combined cycle HYSOL) is integrated with PV under a dynamic control system (DOME), self-regulating and providing ancillary grid services thanks to firm, flexible generation on a single output, tailored to a specific location, relieving pressure on the TSO.

The project will research a Dynamic Output Manager of Energy (DOME) to ensure operation efficiency and grid stability with higher RES penetration, and a multi-tower concept for CSP cost reduction and efficiency improvement, to provide secure, clean and efficient electricity by getting the most of each renewable primary source.

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